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Agents of Intuition

Objects, installation, ongoing series

Artificial fur, metal, 2020
«Beautiful Night of All People», 2nd Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art,
GARAGE Museum, Moscow, Russia, 2020
Valentin Dyakonov and Anastasia Mityushina curated the exhibition


Agents of intuition are creatures that live somewhere on the border of consciousness and subconsciousness. Their goal is to help individuals find themselves and their integrity. They are so different, nevertheless, they play in the same team. If they hear each other's voices, even the most contradictory ones, and agree, then an individual becomes free, flexible and indestructible. Agents absorb fragments of everyday life: they can consist of familiar things, some usual elements of life (bone, window, pencil) and of vague images from the desired reality (parts of plants, organs). Each of them acts only in certain circumstances - someone shows up when you are confused, someone when you lost energy. They are the artist's friends who help him or her find a way out of creative or life crisis. In this project, I try to find visual and physical embodiment for the agents using graphics and sculpture.

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