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Azbuka Vkusa + Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Author's drink for cafe,
installation in shop windows,
audio meditation for art brunch at the MMOMA Museum

Moscow, Russia, 2021

Arina Romantsevich curated the project

In my works, I try to express complex and subtle feelings. This is poetry, where instead of words - color, images and objects. A person rarely feels one thing, usually feelings are mixed, their composition is difficult to determine, and the components can be quite contradictory. When I was asked to come up with an autumn drink for the cafe, I remained true to myself and tried to express a complex range of feelings and sensations using different tastes. A blanket made of coconut foam (comfort and at the same time the coldness of the coming autumn) I combined with the desire to cheer up (hot tart sour coffee underneath) and added a little sun (a spicy and refreshing mint leaf). The sourness of raspberries reminds of walks in the woods. A drop of agave at the very bottom of the cup is a pleasant sweetness and anticipation of a new day. The visual inspiration for the drink was my 2019 work "Let's Try" from the "Iron Overtones" project. Together they seem to offer: "Let's try mixed feelings"?

Also in the windows of 2 shops "Azbuka Vkusa" soft sculptures from my projects of different years are located.
For the presentation of the project at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, I prepared an audio meditation on understanding my gustatory fantasies. Mitya Glavanakov helped me with the sound. Guests of the art brunch could rest, relax and dream for 15 minutes.

Meditation on the tongue RU
00:00 / 16:29
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