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Solo exhibition
Graphics, embroidery, installation, 2016
Art space «Brewhouse», Moscow region, Mytishchi, 2016

The exhibition was created in close connection with the «Brewhouse» space during a week-long residence. Sheet by sheet, I constructed the outlines of non-existent lakes and reservoirs, as if traveling along the shore and walking around them as drawing. But the circle wouldn’t close, and at the junction there was always an error, a burr. This glitch emerges because a traveler always changes during the journey and never comes back the same to the beginning.

The coastline seemed to invent itself and change along with the walkers, piece by piece it unfolds itself around a dark depth, or a gaping void or the unknown. The embroidery line does the same. In this work, the process of movement and growth is important to me. By means of art I grow up, and each project is like a new ring of a tree, like a new circle around a lake. This is what I wanted to visualize.

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