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Solo exhibition
Graphics, text, animation, site specific installation
Space «Intimate place», St. Petersburg, 2015
Exhibition «The shape of the unseen», Shop of the Red, Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2016

I wanted to tell my personal story and dissolve it in environment, since the border between life and art is unstable or often completely absent. The «Intimate place» is an apartment, and I tried to treat the space with care, without redesigning it: people lived inside the installation. It turned out to be a story about the research on accidents in my life and how they transformed into something conscious: an activity, art, a way of life.

The series of graphics «Spots» present carefully copied spots from clothes, linen and fabrics. What seemingly harms a garment and happens due to carelessness, turns out to be perfect and amazing after a careful study. Thus, a random spot now seems to be something else - a lake on a map, a perfect shape.

Texts-memories tell funny stories from my childhood, which now surprisingly rhyme with my artistic practices. A cloth with the cut silhouettes of lakes as if visually continues these texts and serves as a screen for animation. Graphic shots from it surrounded the entire space of the apartment. At first glance, the drawings looked exactly the same, but only when they are put in a cartoon sequence, it becomes clear how much movement they hide.

Images and shapes of the installation flowed into each other, as if answering the question about the role of accidents in life: they form a single stream with life, and they constitute its beauty, which lies in the fact that we always fail to analyze it to the end.

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