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Too close to see

Curtains, embroidery, video installation, collective zine, 2015
Exhibition «Complex issues», Dyaghilev Museum of Contemporary Art,
for the PRO ARTE festival «Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum», St. Petersburg, 2015
Natalya Khvoenkova curated the exhibition

The project consists of a looped animation video, two curtains, and a collective artists’ zine. In this work, I reflected on a complicated and bothering question: how did life on Earth come about and why we are what we are. Perhaps, we never find an answer, since we are part of the world, thus, we are too close and cannot look at it from the outside. However, such questions distinguish us from other beings on the planet.

A circular projection depicts flickering rods and bacteria as if from a scientist's microscope, and at the same time it reminds of a geographical map. The curtains shade the space, and the embroidery on them crawls from one to the other. The drawings of rivers, lakes and roads resemble a trail of an insect or worm. Through the holes in the fabric, you can see what is happening on the street: passers-by, river and cars. These visual parallels between these perspectives of different scales are both a question to the Earth and an ode to its beauty and complexity.

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