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Graphics, animation, video installation, 2015
Exhibition «Probability», Luda Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2015
Peter Bely curated the exhibition

The installation consisted of three parts. Each part was one of the coordinate axes - a vector that determined the direction of a viewer’s gaze. In that period of my life, I felt very unstable: financially, psychologically and socially. I tried to find support, fix and define my position in space with the help of my artistic practices.

The first part is a graphical diary that develops from left to right horizontally. The process of translating an emotional state into a graphic sequence helped me to become aware of my feelings and at the same time registered itself.

The second part is the video work «Stabilization». It uses photographs of different formats and times that I took from my window. All pictures are united by one element - by the silhouette of houses. The eyes and attention are drawn towards it - all shots collect around a permanent structure, thus, the landscape does not fall apart.

The third part is the vertical axis, a view from above. Animated video «Tochka» consists of 60 drawings. They present traces of my routes and walks drawn from memory. They come from the center of the projection and converge in it - at the point of the temporary home. The drawings change every second, and as if having replaced the hands of a clock form a space-time dial.

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