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Solo exhibition
Graphics, installation, 2015-2017
Eastern European Institute of Psychoanalysis, St. Petersburg, 2017

The exhibition presents a series of graphic works under the same name, which are a real diary, only graphical. Drawings came about on their own and in several years completely replaced my verbal notes. I don't know why this temporary substitution happened, I just followed it intuitively. For me the drawing process is a way to become aware of the current moment, a time for a conversation with myself, for contemplating thoughts. Often it is a way to calm down, express the unspoken, sort out feelings. In the moments of mental confusion, I took a notebook and filled out one sheet. Drawings appeared every day, or after long breaks, then several at one day. Thus, the whole series collected.

The entire series was shown at the Eastern European Institute of Psychoanalysis, in the hallway of the Sigmund Freud Museum of Dreams. At the exhibition, I have put the pages of the diary in the chronological order in one solid line so that viewers could trace the changes and transformation of the graphical language. A long corridor leads to the rooms where the therapy sessions take place. This place was not chosen by chance: it was very important for me to show and see the entire series in its unity right here, in the place where people come to study themselves.

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