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Eternal flame

AR sculpture, mask for Instagram, 2021

Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, 2021


The "Eternal Flame" project expresses the general emotions of recent years, both mine and my friends and colleagues. The absurdity in Russian laws, society and politics causes a constant headache. All the news makes me want to run away, jump into the water to cool my burning head. Or just hide from everything - to live separately in my cosy information bubble, seeing and hearing nothing. Therefore, a man with a burning head runs from the embankment straight into the river. But it seems that he, like our entire country, is doomed to eternally burn with this flame. He froze in a sculpture on a half way, as if he was bewitched.

A sculpture project for Bolotnaya Embankment in Moscow was shown in the fall of 2021 at an exhibition at the Street Art Museum in St. Petersburg. Also, anyone can install it anywhere using a smartphone and the Instagram application.

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