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Iron overtones

Solo exhibition

Graphics, objects, textiles, installation, 2019
Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2019


Gallery Victoria, Samara, 2020

The «Iron overtones» project began with a series of graphic works, where on the blank space of a paper sheet I composed still lifes from images and objects that touched me. Things seen on the street during walks, images of provincial childhood and objects from the immediate environment lined up in compositions and initiated a silent interaction with each other. Street and home, past and present, seen and fantasized seemed to permeate each other, creating a special inner space on the sheet.


By means of an intuitive play with familiar and clear images, I created puzzles that couldn’t be solved in one word or phrase - but could be experienced as a whole, as a complex range of feelings. Objects began to appear a little later, as if they materialized from the graphics and stepped out into volume. This exhibition is primarily about relationships, about the personal boundaries’ formation and the experience of interaction, in which the tactile and spatial levels of perception are very important. Here, the objects’ properties - softness and hardness - are transformed, the objects seem to have forgotten their functionality. It makes them vulnerable, they become characters and participants in a relationship, rather than interior items. The inner world and relationships between people are constantly changing along with the everyday environment and reflect each other. Therefore, the language of objects is interesting to me as a means of understanding and expressing complex feelings.

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