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Memory card

Graphics, walks, videos, 2015-2016

Exhibition «Brural: Crossroads of equality and irregularity», Temporary storage gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Ilya Shipilovskikh curated the exhibition

The project consists of drawings mostly made blindly and videos of walks taken both with open and closed eyes. I opened my eyes for a split second, and then walked or ran until I completely lost orientation in space, or it was scary to move on blind.

I was wondering for how long an instant print in visual memory is enough for confident moving. In the process I followed my sensations: how confidence is replaced with vulnerability and a fear to stumble.

Alongside, I did a series of drawings with my eyes closed and in complete darkness. I mentally took all the routes that I recalled - from my walks to school to the current daily routes to my studio. I tried to restore all the details: turns, houses, signs. I tried to synchronize my hand with these walks, as if touching them with my hand and my mind's eye.

As I grew tired, I allowed my hand to move freely on the sheet. By touch, I switched tools so that the lines would not tangle into one knot. This is how the threads of the past, present and fictional routes intertwined.

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