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Graphics, text, video, 2014
Exhibition «Last discoveries», Contemporary Art Center «Sokol», Moscow, 2014
Curator Vladimir Logutov
Exhibition «Five Rooms», loft project «Etazhi», St. Petersburg, 2016
Curator Anastasia Skvortsova

A person always moves in a certain space: city, street, nature, rooms. We follow the rules of the place where we exist and organize our motion according to them. At the same time, we constantly design the environment, shape it according to our goals and needs. I was interested to realize how much freedom of movement we have in a city that is so well organized.

A series of graphics «Incidents» was an outcome of my observations from a long distance, where I watched the human streams move. I tried to classify motions, divide them into types and track down changes in different situations.

Also, I was wondering how distance affects the perception of an object. Depending on the position of a beholder, the elements of motion become either faceless dots in the stream, or they restore individuality. A glance at the city from afar reveals the structure and logic of what is happening, its temporal rhythms. However, errors and failures often occur inside the structure: after a closer inspection, everything turns out to be not so orderly. Among the clear lines of the streets, there is always room for an individual, aimless dance.

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