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Graphics, lightboxes, video installation, 2015
Exhibition «Probability», Museum of the Soviet Naive, Perm, 2015
Curator Peter Bely
Solo exhibition «WE: Drawing, Abstract», Book Graphics Library, St.Petersburg, 2016
Exhibition «White-White Day», Gromov House of Culture, St.Petersburg, 2017
Curator Anastasia Skvortsova
Exhibition «Bonne mine», Novy Museum, St.Petersburg, 2018
Curator Gleb Ershov

A method of drawing, which interferes with the structure of paper, I called perfographics. Cuts, punctures and traces of pressure as if record the thought process, register graphical solutions and become visual evidence of the traveled path and the performed movement. Perforation affects only the structure of a sheet, it doesn’t employ other materials. Light passes through the cuts and forms an image.

Honesty is what matters in the perforating process: no action can be corrected or erased. The sheets with cuts can be regarded as a musical score, visual poetry, a memory card or an imaginary landscape - they allow for many interpretations.

The process of creating perfographics lives at the crossroads of the sensible with the rational and embodies my desire to balance them.

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