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Inertia of vision

Graphics, animation, 2-channel video installation, 2015
Exhibition «The Shape of the Unseen», Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, Perm, 2015
Peter Bely curated the exhibition

I left my hometown when I was 18, but I come here once a year to visit my family. Before leaving, while I permanently lived here, time passed slowly, flowed like an unhurried river of repeating days, everything seemed unchanging and constant. Now my picture of the place assembles from short fragments of my returns. Time here seemed to have accelerated, concentrated, all changes stand out.

Perhaps, in addition to the change of frame rate, this is also an outcome of my internal processes’ acceleration. I wanted to make a project about this change using animation. Time and drawing are the main means of expression in this art form. A drawing comes to life thanks to the inertia of vision – the eye’s ability to save the previous frame for a split second until the next one appears. The larger the gap between the phases, the faster the movement seems. And smooth, daily breath of life can be created only by connecting many almost identical frames. In my work, I tried to convey two different times in one landscape.

The project was made specifically for display at the PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art and now belongs to the museum's collection.

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