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The Sun

Once I was walking through the territory of the Red Triangle factory. It was cold and gloomy, as usual in Petersburg. And suddenly, in the window of one of the buildings, covered with a thick layer of cement and rubber dust, I saw a grille with the image of the shining Sun above the sea waves. This contrast of image and context engraved in my memory. Since then, wherever I travel and walk, I collect (photograph and draw) images of the Sun in the urban environment - window bars, fences, playground designs. Despite the simplicity of the image - the center and the outgoing rays, I find a wide variety of solutions. Now I have examples seen in Perm, Volgograd, Kiev, Chernobyl, St. Petersburg, Tobolsk. This is how several series of graphics with solar signs on window bars appeared.

Ink on paper, 2018

Paper, dry point on plastic, 2018

Paper, engraving on plastic, 2018

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