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Cloud’s student

Artist's book. 

Print, graphics, 2020
Created for the GARAGE Museum library’s project «One copy», 2020

The book «Cloud’s student» is a result of the self-educational process that has lasted for several years. This process often acted like a cloud: it dissolved and disappeared, then it reappeared in my life, came to the fore and even pierced other projects. I watched the movement and shapes of the clouds and called it "cloud lessons". Sketches, texts, photographs and painting sketches described and recorded an infinite variety of heavenly states, which reflected the feelings and thoughts of the beholder.

Syncing with nature through contemplation became my temporary escapism practice and an alternative to the formal education I was receiving then. I wanted to find something utterly accessible, involving unmediated and pure perception, free from frameworks and authoritative opinions. In this case, clouds became universal educational substance: visual information that can be perceived in a variety of ways. I tried to maintain the naive perspective of a student - I kept a notebook for observations of the impartial and incomprehensible nature. The key was a simple action: gaze into the sky.

Drawings and texts from these notebooks accompanied by graphics were included in the «Cloud’s student» book. Now the book is present in the library of the GARAGE Museum, where you can look through its electronic version.

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