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WöD bar and graphics cabinet

Author's T-shirts and hoodies, embroidery on the soccer net

Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2021-2022

The project was supervised by Olga Goryunova

The phrase "I love you, don't be afraid" originally appeared in the "Notebook" work in my 2018 "a Room to Rest" project. 
An embroidery sheet from a notebook with these words was lying on a sculpture resembling a kitchen table by the window. This work is about support, much needed by all the people. And even when no one is around, you can support yourself. This phrase was born in a moment of despair and became my support for the last years.

In 2021 the bar WöD, with which I have collaborated since its opening, suggested that I make an embroidery on a soccer nets at the entrance of the bar. And I immediately thought of this phrase. I think it should be seen, heard and said as often as possible.


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