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Way of things

Objects, installation

Metal, plywood, paint, 2021
Chernovsky village, Samara region, Russia, 2021

Curator Sergei Balandin

I always try to study the terrain before I start working with it. And if I can't be there physically, then I first look at the map and google photos. So it was this time - I studied the map of the Samara region for a long time and reviewed dozens of amateur photos from different points. I thought, what would I be missing if I was physically there now? Beautiful, but desert landscapes that you want to contemplate. But there are no places for rest and observation, where you can sit down and relax, look into the distance. Occasionally I came across photos of people resting on folding chairs and stumps. I felt sad - there are so many places in Russia where I want to put a bench so that people can stop and look around them more closely.

When I looked at the geographical map, I was fascinated by the bends of the Samara River - its curls formed many bizarre lakes in the valley. Elongated, with beautiful curves, they could very well become benches. For some reason, many of them do not have names, and many are named very funny. My admiration for the beauty of the lakes and sadness from the lack of places for rest and contemplation led me to the idea of making benches in the form of lakes for the Samara region.

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